Why Frontline Spray Is Good For Your Pets?

Why Frontline Spray Is Good For Your Pets - BudgetPetWorld.com


Fleas And Ticks – When your pets get infested with these blood sucking and nasty parasites, they can irritate your dog or cat. They make them feel uncomfortable and itchy. Some of the four-legged animals are highly sensitive and allergic to fleas and can develop severe skin problems, such as Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD). These parasites can also transmit diseases to people, once fleas enter your home and your environment.

Fleas and ticks can lay hundred to four hundred eggs at a time. They have four stages of life cycle, which can make more difficult to get rid of them. Don’t worry, here is the solution to break their life cycle and prevent these unwanted visitors from hosting on your pet and entering your home.

The top and leading treatment to control fleas and ticks for year-around is Frontline Spray. It provides a long-lasting and effective control of fleas and ticks on your dog and cat. This is also powerful treatment to control Flea Allergy Dermatitis when applied monthly to the affected pet. It kills all existing fleas in 2 days. Once you start using Frontline Spray, it continuously kills fleas for a month or more. This can be used on puppies and kittens from 2 days of age. All other dogs and cats in the household should be routinely treated too.

Benefits Of Frontline Spray For Pets:

  • Effective against severe existing flea and tick infestations, and kills chewing lice.
  • Effective against all stages of ticks, including brown dog ticks, Paralysis ticks and deer ticks (the major carrier of Lyme disease).
  • Aids in the control of sarcoptic mange.
  • Remains waterproof for 30 days, even if your dog or cat swims or is in a bath.

Make sure that you always read the label for full administration details and for safety direction to be followed. You can even take the advice from the vet before starting to use this Frontline Spray on your pets.