Why Dogs Eat Poop?


Eating poop is one of the most disgusting habits dogs have. Sometimes some dogs are so habituated to eating faeces of other animals that their owners literally find it stressful to control them. Ever wondered what could be the reason of this mindless eating? If you are also looking for the answers, read on as to know why these canines are so famished for poops.


You might find your dog’s poop eating habit gross but this could have been triggered because of the nutrient deficiency in the dog’s body. Sometimes the gastrointestinal system of the body fails to utilize the nutrients fed through the diet because of the functional issue which in turn results into nutrient deficiency hence the dog eats the poop of other animals which is rich in protein and other nutrients.

Deficiency of Enzymes

Another big reason for potty eating habit could be the lack of all digestive enzymes in the body. Though dogs’ body does produce digestive enzymes for absorption of food, sometimes the production is not enough to absorb the nutrients. These leftover, undigested nutrients are then eliminated in the faeces. This deficiency of enzymes in the dog’s body leads to poop eating habit in canines because their body craves for nutrients which are abundantly present in the faeces.


Parasites like intestinal worms, ticks or fleas leach out nutrition from the body by sucking blood. Gastrointestinal worms also feed on the intestinal walls of the dog’s body thus sucking out nutrients, hence leading to a nutritional deficiency in the body. This deficiency leaves the pet craving for faeces.

Boredom or Stress

Boredom and stress also lead to mindless eating in dogs so if a dog feels depressed or sad, he tries to find a treat for himself. In case it is somewhere present in his vicinity, he definitely hogs on it.


When the dog is not fed a well-balanced meal, the lack of adequate nutrients in his meals also leads him to crave more for food that may be rich on it. This makes him eat poop whenever or wherever it is available.

Diabetes/ Thyroid

Diseases like diabetes and thyroid can cause dogs to eat poop.

Puppies are Scavengers

They love to eat whatever comes their way. Especially, puppies that are raised in mills are accustomed to eating filth and thus may always eat poop when they find one.


Punishing a dog for pooping in the house can actually lead him to eat poop in order to save himself from punishment.

How To Stop a Dog From Eating Poop?

  • Dogs also have an inherent tendency to eat poop so if he does that more often, try and figure out the root cause of his problem.
  • Make sure he is treated for parasites. It would be wise to start a parasite prevention program if you haven’t already.
  • Feed him raw, well-balanced meals to avoid nutritional deficiency.
  • Keep him busy with toys and activities so he doesn’t eat faeces out of boredom or anxiety.
  • If he is facing anxiety issues, use anxiety relievers or diffusers to calm his mind.
  • Get him checked by the vet regularly for any issues.
  • You can also provide diet supplements to aid his nutrient absorption ability.
  • Avoid going to places where he could find animal poops easily.

Eating faeces of other animals can cause many bacterial infections or worm infections in the body. Therefore, as pet parents, you must take care that your dog doesn’t eat that disgusting blob of shit. Take professional help if his eating habits are making you concerned about his health. Dogs will be dogs but they need our attention and care, so, be there for your pooch as he stays by your side in your troubles.

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