Train Your Dog to Be Obedient This National Train Your Dog Month

National Train Your Dog Month

The holidays are done and dusted and with it, all the fun and enjoyment. Now it’s back to some serious business, not just with your work but also with your furry pal. As the New Year sets sail, it’s important to cultivate new things and habits in your dog. And what better way to do so than in the month of January, which interestingly, also happens to be National Train Your Dog Month. It’s time to put in the hard yards and train your dog to lead a disciplined life. How you’re going to go about it, have all been discussed below!

January is National Train Your Dog Month

Training your dog can be cumbersome, especially when you realize the vastness of dog training. Due to this, it is very essential to first focus on inculcating good discipline habits in your dog. Once that is mastered, other training methods and tricks can be taught easily. Thus, this National Train Your Dog Month let your focus be on making your dog obedient. Here’s how you can go about doing it!

#1. Maintain a Calm Mindset

The first step is to maintain a calm mindset throughout the training process. We know it can get a little too hot when your dog disobeys your commands, but maintaining a calm and cool head is the only way you can deal with it.

#2. Use Positive Reinforcements

There are two ways of dog training – one is the negative perspective, and the other is the positive approach. Many use the negative way and punish the dog when they are following commands incorrectly. This is not the correct way of training your dog. On the other hand, the positive approach allows you to not pay heed on the negatives but instead allows you to focus only on the positives (by rewarding your buddy). Thus, whenever your dog is doing or following the right command, reward him with a treat. This yields in better and quicker learning.

#3. Counter the Bad Things

Now, as far as the bad habits go, you can’t just overlook them. Something has to be done, and punishing your dog is definitely not an option (as you have just read). So, to counter the bad habits, you could use the following techniques:

  • Take away your dog’s favorite play toy for some time.
  • Use your voice to halt the bad behavior.
  • Do not give your dog attention when he misbehaves.

#4. Get A Trainer, If Necessary

It’s not essential that only you have to train your dog. Though training your dog all by yourself helps in bonding and stuff. But, if you feel burdened and are unable to cope up, there’s always the option of seeking professional help for your dog’s training. A professional dog trainer can be hired, and he will help in getting your four-legged friend properly trained.

No matter what way you want to train your dog, as long as you do it, that’s what matters the most. So this National Train Your Dog Month do not forget to discipline train your pooch. All the very best!