Four Tips To Have A Wonderful Hiking Experience With Your Dog

Tips To Enjoy The Great Outdoors With Your Dog

Hiking can be a great exercise for you and your furry pal, it is also a best way to build a bond between you and your beloved pet while enjoying the hiking time together. However, it is essential to keep the safety of your pet in mind at all times; as pets can get tired easily. There can be a risk for heat stroke, basically on a hot sunny day and other dangers like uneven terrain, steep, aggressive wild life etc. Before you head out on your hiking adventure with your furry companion, consider these four tips as follows:

Enjoy Hiking Experience With Your Dog

1. Fitness and Endurance:

Train your dog first with small hikes and then increase the distance and weight, if you plan on having your dog carry a pack, as you both become conditioned. This training is needed to be fit and build your and furry pal’s endurance. You need to be prepared for the elevation changes on some trails too. Ensure that dogs are allowed on the trail, where you are planning to go for a hike.

2. Meal and Water:

Stop frequently throughout your hike and make your pooch drink water, so that he don’t get dehydrated. Remember not to feed a large meal before the hike, simply divide the meal in to small portions to feed him from time to time. You can also offer him supplement treats & necessary dog supplies & nutrition throughout the hike.

3. Vaccination and Preventatives:

Before you leave for hiking adventure, make sure you take your pooch to the vet for a checkup and follow up that he is up-to-date on his vaccines as well as parasites and worms preventatives. So that you can keep your Fido away from all types of parasite, worms and viruses, which are shared by wild animals.

4. Be Careful:

You need to be careful when you are taking your doggy on hike. You should avoid hiking during the hottest part of the day and walk to a reasonable pace and distance. Make sure that your pup is not excessive panting or drooling. If your find such signs stop for sometime, make your pet drink some water. He must be fine after taking the break of 15 to 20 minutes. Then you slowly continue to walk. Make a note to carry a first aid kit & dog health supplies with you to treat in emergency. To protect your dog paw pads from getting injured, you can make him wear pad protective booties.

Be sure, to be prepared for your hike with little planning, so that hiking adventure can be a rewarding experience for you and your dog.