Surprising Ways the Pets are affected by Relationship Troubles

Pets are affected by relationship troubles

Separation is always difficult. Be it for the people who are diverging, their children, or their pets. Yes, you read it right! Ending a long relationship may affect your canine or feline in the same way it does to your children or yourself.

Animals are extremely sensitive and are prone to their routine life. They seldom appreciate changes and if the two people he (or she) loves the most are yelling and tensed then this is one big change for him to get used to.

The tension in the home may just be the initiation of trauma in pets. There are many other things that might affect your pooch or kitty if you are going through the process of divorce. Your separation will do a collateral damage to your pets.

Fighting for the custody of pets has become as common as it is to fight for children. The couples tend to forget that just like children, pets too love each one of you and it could be a disaster for your canine or the feline to live with just the one of you. Let’s have a look what collateral damage your pet may have to go through:

  • Stressful surroundings: It may be very stressful for pets to live with just one of you. It is obvious that divorce must be hard on people too and that happiness may not seem to walk along for a long time. We should not forget that dogs and cats can feel our anxiety and they may get equally anxious when we are anxious, so try to create a positive atmosphere.

Pets affected by Relationship Troubles

  • New environment may not favor your pet: Pets are creatures of habit. They may find it very hard to adjust if there is any change in their habits, place to live and people around. If you are moving out with your pet then it may turn out to be more difficult than you might have thought.
  • Pets cannot just stop loving someone: Your furry friend loves you and your partner equally. Living with just one of them may be stressful for your pet. Make sure you take the right decision and be open to options that might help you maintain your pet’s health.
  • Food may not entice them: There have been many incidences when pet stops eating after moving to the new place with. Pets are habituated with the presence of both the partners, their food bowls, place to sleep, place to poop and much more.
  • Lethargy, sadness, and resistance to almost everything: It may be the case that it had been your partner who did the duties like walking your dog, feeding him, playing with him, etc. You may notice reluctance to all these things if you choose to keep your furry companion. It is advised by the behavioral experts to take the decision of who is going to keep the pet wisely and to not make it an ego issue.

In all, when you part ways, it is your family that falls apart and not just the two people in relationship. You may have no idea what children and pets could go through when you make your ego a priority. There have been many cases in which pets get sick and never recover when the parents split. Make sure to let your other half spend time with your fur baby as much as they want. That might help your pet a lot, and after all, the pet belongs to both even if you get the custody.