Stage 1 of Cat Kitten & Junior

Stage 1 of Cat Kitten & Junior

As promised in the previous blog that once you have brought a kitten into your heavenly abode I will tell you what are the precautions or health-related duties that you need to keep in mind.

So here we go –

Cats at an early age i.e. at kitten(0-6 months) and junior (6 months -2 years) age require extreme attention to both health and training.

Firstly Let’s Talk About the Kittens (0-6 Months) –

Kitties less than 8 weeks of age before they get weaned should be kept with their mother and litter buddies because at that early stage their body is still developing. At this stage, they can’t regulate their body temperature and their leg coordination and ability to see are also developing.

In case, if you have adopted a newly born kitty you need to feed him/her with a bottle and help with the pooping. You can also talk to the Vet and get detailed guidance on that.

Life after 8 weeks becomes very crucial because the kittens are ready to eat a kitten diet after weaning. It is also an apt time to introduce kittens to kids, fellow pets and family. Making him/her comfortable with nail trimming and other grooming and hygiene-related rituals should also be done during this period.

Felines between 3-6 months are full of energy, cute, playful and because of curiosity, they do all the adorable escapades that can sometimes put them in trouble.

Junior cats (6 months – 2 Years) –

Sexual maturity and other physical developments take place during this period. Discuss with the vet about spaying and neutering is considered a good step. Training, eating habits and health care are crucial points you need to take care of.

Regular vet visits and feeding a healthy diet that encourages overall health development should be your goal.

Also, don’t forget to search pet health insurance for your cat because unplanned medical emergencies can show up anytime and health insurance of your cat can support your pocket and your cat’s health.

Major Health Care Steps for Precaution and Treatment For Kittens And Junior Cats –

1.Vaccinations –

Vaccinate your cat to save him/her from dangerous diseases like feline parvovirus infection (panleukopenia), feline calicivirus, rabies, and many more diseases. Talk to your vet about it and get the needed vaccinations administered.

2.Protection and treatment of parasites

Many kittens are born with worms like roundworms or get infected through their mother. Hence, there are treatments like Antezole liquid suspension, Cazitel tablets, Antezole paste, and Drontal that can be administered from as early as 1 week of age(only antezole liquid for other treatments the minimum age is available on the product label or you can check the product description on our website).

Not only worms but fleas, ticks, and mites are also some parasites that can harass your cat at a young age along with infecting him/her with a serious disease. Use of flea and tick treatments like frontline plus, bravecto spot-on and Revolution can keep these annoying and zoonotic parasites away from your cat.

Heartworms are rare in cats though it is wise to secure your cat from these fatal creeps by administering heartworm preventive like Revolution.

3.Hygiene Care Of Kittens And Junior Cat Is Of a Great Significance –

Hygiene includes good fur and skincare, dental care, eye & ear care. These are also prime parameters that needs to be taken care of to keep your feline healthy.

However, which hygiene care products are worthy to use on your kitty will be disclosed in the next section of this series i.e. the stage 2 of cat’s life – Prime and Mature.

To conclude this section, I would say that treat your kitty as a small kid because they require care and attention. The kitten and junior cat life stage is the foundation for the upcoming life stages of your cat.

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