Simparica Oral Flea & Tick Preventive for Dogs

Simparica Oral Flea & Tick Preventive for Dogs

Fleas and ticks are the most common cause of illness in dogs and puppies all over the globe. Earlier, there were a handful of treatments available to treat canines from heavy tick and flea infestations. But now, the market is filled with a plethora of flea and tick products, not just for dogs but other pets like cats as well. And now, since there are plenty of options to choose from, pet parents are spoilt for choices.

While there are several options, one such flea and tick product that we’re going to talk about is Simparica chewables. They are not only an excellent flea and tick treating product but are widely recommended by many vets globally.

What is Simparica?

Simparica is tasty liver-flavored chewable that help in the smooth elimination of fleas and ticks from the dog’s body. It also helps in preventing future flea and tick infestations in dogs. Though it is known as a monthly preventative, Simparica provides protection for 35 days. The extra days come in handy when pet parents forget to dose their furry pal after a month. Moreover, these easy to administer chews are safe to use on all dog breeds and puppies that are over 8 weeks old.

Salient Features of Simparica Chewables

There are so many striking features of Simparica. We have listed them below, one by one.

  • Effectively destroys fleas and ticks
  • Provides parasite protection for 35-long days
  • Stays as effective as ever, all throughout the 35 days
  • Begins eliminating adult fleas inside three hours and ticks within 8 hours
  • Tasty liver-flavored chewables
  • Protects dogs from life-threatening flea and tick-borne diseases
  • Can kill as many as five types of ticks including Gulf Coast ticks
  • Safe for all breeds of dogs as well as puppies over 8 weeks of age
  • Contains the active ingredient Sarolaner
  • Manufactured by Zoetis, a well-renowned animal manufacturing healthcare company

Simparica vs Comfortis

As stated earlier, Simparica is an excellent flea and tick product and this comparison with Comfortis proves it. Here, take a look!

Destroys fleasYesYes
Eliminates ticksYesNo
Minimum Age Requirement8 weeks14 weeks
Chewable TasteLiver flavorBeef flavor
Active IngredientSarolanerSpinosad

The above table clearly shows that Simparica is a much better choice than Comfortis. Moreover, Simparica chewables cost way cheaper than Comfortis.

Honest Simparica Reviews

Here are a few honest reviews by some BudgetPetWorld customers.

Beethoven says, “This is an amazingly easy to administer flea and tick treatment. Simply Simparica!”

Stanley says, “These potent flavored chews are highly effective in treating fleas and ticks. It has helped me a lot in reducing the number of ticks in my pal. A proper flea and tick solution which I’d definitely recommend.”

Katherine says, My dog is really the fussiest when it comes to applying topical solutions to keep those fleas and ticks away. But, thanks to these chewable which made our life easier.”

Blake says, “My dog is allergic and not all the treatments are effective on him. But, this product works great on him.”

Everett says, “Tasty chewables made the fleas and ticks prevention lot easier for me and my doggy.”