National Pet Memorial Day – Ways To Share A Glimpse Of Your Beloved Pet

National Pet Memorial Day

Most people consider their pets as a member of their family and best friend. As described in the beautiful poem – Rainbow Bridge is a heaven that the beloved pets travel to leaving you alone on the earth. This can definitely create the emptiness within us that can be difficult to fill. To revive the memories and honor pets that lost lives, National Pet Memorial Day is celebrated. This day gives you the opportunity to bring closure to the departure of their beloved pets. All pet parents may have different kinds of pets, by far the most popular are dogs and cats. The other pets are horses, rabbits, fishes, turtles, snakes etc. You can treasure the memory of your beloved pets and tribute in the following ways:

  • Have a moment of silence with your family for your loved pet.

  • Take time with your family to share favorite stories and memories of your pet. This can be helpful if you’re still grieving.

  • If you have buried your pet, visit their burial site and think about all the wonderful times the two of you shared together.

  • Hold a memorial service at a pet cemetery, your back yard or anywhere that was special to your animal companion.

  • Donate to your favorite shelter or animal rescue in honor of your friend.

  • Light a candle for your departed pet.

  • Create a living memorial by planting a tree, bush or flower in their honor.

  • Make a donation in your pet’s name to a favorite animal charity.

  • Create a memorial using favorite photos, inspirational quotes, or anything else that expresses your loving memories of your pet.

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