National Cat Health Month

National Cat Health Month

Cats are the most adorable bundle of joy in our life. Their mere presence creates feel-good vibes that make your home a better place. And when you’re habituated to see your kitty always cheerful, it can hard to see her sitting in the corner suffering from any health issues. Therefore with a motive to maintain your cat’s health regularly and to honor their lively presence in our lives, National Cat Health Month is an ideal month to celebrate. Though pet parents are always concerned about their cat’s health and do their best to keep them healthy. However, the month of February is all about going the extra mile to take care of your furry ball.

So, to make your task easier here’s a list of major aspects pet parents should consider to keep their cat healthy and fit.

Pay Attention To Your Cat’s Weight

The cats belong to the wild and when they’re domesticated, indoor cats can lead to a lazy lifestyle. Therefore, it becomes crucial for pet parents to be vigilant about their pet’s weight. Ensure to consider this daily routine if playing with your cat, exercising with her or doing interesting activities that stimulate her body. Get involved with your cat during playtime; make her mealtime fun and entertaining. Doing all this will help her to maintain weight and keep obesity at bay.

Monitor The Cat’s Dental Health

As a pet parent, you require to be extremely meticulous in order to maintain your cat’s dental hygiene. Sometimes you may not even know that your pet is suffering from oral discomfort. If left untreated, these dental diseases can be tremendously painful in cats which can stimulate bleeding gums, decreased appetite and rotten teeth. So, pet parents should make it a point to clean their kitty’s teeth on regular intervals and examine your pet’s oral health. Take your pet to the vet if you find any dental issue.

Ensure Regular Grooming

Cats can naturally groom themselves so that pet parents need not worry about that. But, it is all about maintaining your cat’s overall health that also includes regular grooming. It is vital to clean your pet’s hair and claws to make maintain her coat and make her look best. At times there may be parasites or other foreign bodies stuck in your cat’s coat so it requires a vigilant check. Moreover, cats have a tendency to scratch and that’s the reason you need to groom their claws. Be patient and calm while grooming your kitty.

Feed A Balanced Diet

It can be tempting for your cat to have the treats you provide her occasionally. But, you cannot always over-indulge your kitty or provide her wrong type of treats as it can unbalance her diet. One of the imperative elements of cat care is to feed her a balanced diet. A balanced diet is about providing quality food to your pet as per the schedule instead of feeding her anything with any quantity and quality at an odd hour.

Keep Your Cat’s Vaccination Up-To-Date

Above all, it is important to provide your cat with regular vaccinations as per the vet’s advice. Take your cat for annual checkups to your vet so that they can provide any necessary vaccinations to prevent your cat from contracting any fatal diseases.

Moreover, when it comes to taking care of your cat’s health, ensure to spend more time with her cuddling and strengthening your bond.