Know Your Pooch Better This National Puppy Day

Know Your Dog Better This National Puppy Day
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Puppies with their small little paws bring a bunch of joy in our lives the moment they become part of our families. This bundle of energy zips from one room to another, also indulging others to be a part of its frolic. The moment you get out of its sight, it’ll start searching for you, waiting for you to cuddle him again. No wonder why we love to be around this super cute, happy little rockstar every single minute. The major driver of our family’s happiness certainly deserves utmost care and kindness.

Usually, new parents are skeptical about how to take care of their puppies and what to understand from their actions. So, to have a better insight into a pet’s behavior on this National Puppy Day, let’s address some frequently asked questions by the pet parents.

Most Common Questions Asked by Pup Parents

1. When is the right time to start training my puppy?

There is no such right or wrong time to train your pup. You can start the very first day you bring him home. The sooner you coach him about the basic commands like sit, stay or leave, the better it would be. Try reward-based training techniques to stop him from chewing household items, jumping and biting. Walk him on a leash so that he gets used to it quickly. Train him just as you would train your own kid from putting up a bad show. Little different but simple!

2. What to expect at the first visit to the vet?

Your pet’s first visit to a vet would generally follow a normal health checkup for any signs of a disease or abnormalities. The vet may also ask for the pup’s health history and may administer the vaccination mandated for its age. It is the first opportunity for a pup to build a bond with its vet.

3. When can we take our pup to public places?

Questions Asked by Pup Parents

It is better to avoid taking your pooch to public places if he isn’t vaccinated. Dog-parks and gardens are the most common places for pups to contract diseases from other infected dogs. However, if he has already received his vaccinations properly you can stroll with him in as many parks as you want. Just make sure he doesn’t get tired though!

4. What treatments does my pet require?

There are four major vaccines that must be administered to the pup without fail, namely – rabies vaccine, canine parvovirus, canine-distemper virus and canine-adenovirus 2 vaccines. Though rabies vaccine needs to be administered just once, all the other vaccines need boosters to be administered monthly or in a couple of weeks. Additionally, pups may also be treated for fleas, ticks or lice infestations with the help of dog supplies, if any.

5. How to house train my puppy?

You cannot expect a puppy to get potty-trained in a week’s time. You need to be patient enough for this activity to provide the desired results. Generally, it takes four to six months for the pup to get used to your house and get trained for the basic activities and commands. So don’t rush. Give some time to your pup to acclimatize to the new place and new life. And do maintain consistency in your coaching. Take him out to freshen up every two to four hours so that it doesn’t spoil your carpets.

We all love to caress our pet and spend time with them. They are definitely great stress-busters and to take care of them appropriately, we must understand our responsibility towards them. Staying informed is the key!

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