Hot Spots in Dogs – What, Why And How (Causes, Treatment and Prevention)

hot spot infestation in dogs
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hot spot infestation in dogs

Hot spots are an area on dog’s skin that is infected and inflamed. Hot spots are also known as Acute Moist Dermatitis. These red, hot and inflamed lesions are generally found on a dog’s head, hip or chest. The skin becomes irritated and these hot spots start to occur at a rapid rate. Infection caused by hot spots may vary from being external or very deep internally. The dog’s practice of chewing, licking and scratching the infected areas increases the growth of these spots and irritates the skin more.

Signs and symptoms to let you realize your dog is having hot spots are excessive licking, scratching, hair loss and redness in the skin or inflamed skin.

Dogs get hot spots when he starts itching himself excessively and end up in formation of wet crust on his skin. Such kind of activities by the dogs, lead to bacterial activities and contaminate those portions on the skin. If you ever notice, any such signs in your dog or a disrupted skin then take him to the vet immediately for proper consultation and treatment.

hot spot in dogs

Treatment of hot spots is possible just follow the steps given:

  • Trim the area around the hot spot using clippers.
  • If the area is big, shave it; uncover it, so that the air will dry out the moisture to help speedy healing.
  • Clean the area with sprays or creams; anything mild and non-irritant recommended by the vet.
  • Prevent your dog from biting, licking or scratching on the infected area.
  • Keep an eye on the area to make sure it continues to heal.
  • Giving the dog anti-biotic and painkiller.
  • Proper treatment to prevent bacterial formation.

How to prevent hot spots from occurring?

  • Regular grooming
  • Clipping your pet’s hair short
  • Maintain a healthy environment
  • Don’t let your dog stress so much that he starts biting or chewing unnecessarily
  • Regular walks and exercise
  • Keep your dog busy so he won’t even think about itching and scratching
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