Five Most Useful Life Lessons Your Dog Teaches You

Dogs are the best teachers that can teach you the life lessons through simple ways. Whether it is forgiveness, appreciating small things, being resilient or unconditional love and joy. They take us on the roller coaster of life lessons and make us realize that life is quite beautiful and live it to the fullest without holding those grudges or huge baggage of future and past.

Dogs – the best companions help us understand the essence of life through small examples they set in. Their innocent look, being oblivious to the changing environment or just going with the flow moving around the house behind you. They do all the stupid things but still, that does not make them feel down or inferior. Dogs set a better example of loving yourself. No matter what their color, size, or breed is, they are happy for what they are.

So, taking inspiration from them and letting them to be our GURU, let’s learn the simple but the most important life lessons.

Live in Present

Whether it’s running around a bug or licking your hand, your dog loves to enjoy every moment of the present making most out it. On the contrary, you may as a human usually wanders in the abyss of the past either feeling sick or guilty about the things or people. Or, just fantasize about the future wondering in ‘NO LAND’ without actually working on them. Thus, living in the past or future, you’re forgetting the essence of present and its importance. But, your dog will make you realize that it is not past or future, but the very moment of the present that can fill you and make you happy.

Practice Gratitude

How many of us feel blessed or grateful for the things that we are possessing? You are blessed with the most basic amenities like food, water, and shelter for an easy going. While looking around, you will find many people who don’t even have access to clean drinking water.

Your dog is the one who can better help you understand this. For just having that bowl of water and food, they move around feeling contented and grateful to you. So, have gratitude and appreciate the things that you have!

We Don’t Accept Change

We don’t like things that fall short of our expectations. Whether it’s getting a cab for going to the office or missing an appointment, a sudden drizzle, or a breakup will definitely put your heart down or make you frustrated. But thinking deeply you will realize that whatever happens, it has the reason to make you a better version or help you get the best opportunity.

Unlike you, your dog takes everything with positivity in its stride. It enjoys the change – whether missing a Frisbee or a treat, it will never complain but still loves to move around you happily.

Forgiveness – The Biggest Challenge

We hardly forgive others or ourselves, with pain and remorse in a heart. And walk around taking that huge burden on our heads. You will never realize how much stressful it is and it makes you feel bad all the times. Have you ever wondered when it comes to your dog how it takes the things? Whether you refuse to give him a treat or a piece of chicken from that table, or play with him or snub him for a walk. Still, he will not pensive or get angry or have any hard feelings. But, he will be happy again within a short period though you had made him dejected. Through this, he teaches that forgiveness helps you free from the unwanted burden and hard feelings, which can pull you down emotionally.

Love Unconditionally – No Expectations Attached

True love lasts ever and it does not expect anything from you or the way you are. Whether you have one room apartment or a big bungalow, no matter what car you have or good or bad hair you have, your dog loves you in all the way he can whether you’re giving him back or not. Therefore, learn to love the people around you similarly.

Do you love them giving them much warmth and kindness? Think?