Ear Infections In Pet – A Brief Guide on Signs, Causes & Treatments

ear infections in pets
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Is your dog scratching the ears or a smelly yellowish liquid oozing out from the ears? Pet parents seems bewildered seeing this condition in their pets. This normally represent that your pet is facing ear problems. Pet parents are least aware about the symptoms that depict that their furry pal is suffering from aural disease.

Some common signs of ear infections which you need to get well acquitted with are

  • Scratching
  • Odor
  • Discharge from the ears
  • Pain around the ears
  • Redness or swelling of the ear flap or canal
  • Shaking the head constantly
  • Changes in behavior such as depression

Apart from dental issues, ear disease is one of the most common pet conditions. There are numerous reasons that make it to the ear infection in dogs and cats. Knowing the cause of any issue can help in properly handling the problem and solving it. Learning about them can through light on how to provide the right ear infection treatment as well as control the causes that create the ear problems in your pet.ear infections in pets and how to cure it

Ear Infections in Pets: Symptoms, Causes And Treatments

Causes Of Ear Infections In Pets

  • Allergies
  • Parasites
  • Infections
  • Foreign bodies
  • Trauma
  • Hormonal abnormalities
  • Ear environment
  • Hereditary or immune conditions

Let us dwell little deeper into this to get the crystal clear picture of the various causes and the treatment for each of this ear infection.

Allergies Cause Ear Infection in Pet

Dogs are allergic to food or something foreign they inhale or that contacts their skin. And, this can be one of the reasons for ear problem. In fact, the ear issue may be the first sign of the allergy. Due to this, secondary infection with bacteria and yeast erupts. Treating just bacterial infection does not root out the main issue of allergy and therefore, your treating the allergies is a must.


This ear problem can be treated by ear cleaning solution, antistamines and fatty acid supplements. Taking a pet for allergy testing can bring in the right solution. Also, immunotherapy may be the best option to cure the ear issue due to allergy.

Parasites Cause Ear Infection in Pet

Parasite such as ear mite is a common cause of ear infection in cats where dogs are less likely to suffer from this issue compared to cats. Though those who are hypersensitive to the mites, can suffer from intense itching. Dogs having this condition may scratch so much that they severely harm the ear.



These parasites cause dark, crumbly debris in the ear, which resembles coffee grounds. To treat this condition, ear cleaning should be followed by an ear medication to kill mites. This will eliminate the ear mites though you need to carry on the treatment for the several weeks.

Ear Infections in Pets

Microbes like bacteria and yeast can cause ear infections in pets. The normal healthy ear has strong immune system and this helps in preventing ear problems. However, this does not apply the same if the ear environment becomes the breeding ground of microbes due to allergies, hormonal abnormalities or moisture. Bacteria and yeast can easily dwell and multiply breaking down the defense mechanism.


1. For yeast

Yeast causes severe issues. It often gives brown waxy exudate and a bad odor. Daily cleaning of pet ears may avoid this condition but when infected with this, it’s quite tough to treat. Pet has to be treated with special type of medications as simple antibiotic solution does not kill yeast. It is better to consult your vet, if you suspect that your pooch or kitty is suffering from yeast infection.

2. For bacteria

Like yeast infection, it also causes poignant odor followed by yellowish discharge. It can be chronic or severe condition. Ear cleaning alone cannot treat this infection. Antibiotics will help in controlling this issue as well you need to consult your vet. Ear infections in the ear canal when not treated can dwell deeper into middle and inner ear. Therefore, being proactive in treating this condition is highly effective.

Pet ears need to be cleaned regularly regardless of the ear infection. With the help of ear wipes make it a hardcore habit to clean the ears daily. On regular basis, you can use ear solutions like cleanear drops to avoid ear infections.

Ear problems can be painful and sometimes dogs/cats need to be aestheticized to clean the ears. Especially, dogs do not like to have their ears cleaned due to absurd structure of their ears. Talking to him in a soft voice, gently stroking as well as taking a break to give him a treat will make the procedure easier. This will help him associate ear cleaning with fun. Regular ear cleaning helps eliminate ear issues in a long run.

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