Commonly Asked Questions About Corornavirus And Pets

Commonly Asked Questions About Corornavirus And Pets

We’re all going through testing times where staying home and social distancing has become a norm. While we’re still adjusting with this new way of living, many pet parents are in quandary regarding the safety of their pets. In last couple of weeks, we saw many pet parents asking questions on the guidelines regarding pet care. And we’re here to answer all the questions! In this post, you will find the answer to all the frequently asked questions about Coronavirus and pets.

Can Pets Transmit Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Currently there is no evidence that pets can transmit the virus to humans. The tiger who was infected with corona virus was due to a Zoo employee who was taking care of the animal while being sick. So, pet parents don’t have to worry about their pets transmitting the disease to humans. However, we advice pet parents to take necessary precautions and follow the guidelines issued by the government.

Is It Possible To Test My Pet For COVID-19?

Yes, there are laboratories that are doing covid tests of pets as well. However, you need to contact your veterinarian first to seek help. He will guide you further and inform you whether it’s necessary to test your pet or not. The testing is done on basis of the symptoms that the animal is showing, so it’s essential to take your furry pal to the vet first. With solid reason and explanation, they will conduct a test if deemed necessary.

Can I Get My Pet Vaccinated Against The Virus?

Unfortunately, there’s no vaccine available for COVID. Therefore, it’s best to practice social distancing, wearing masks when taking your pooch or cat out for a walk. Pet parents don’t need to worry about anything as of now, just focus on maintaining your dog’s well being.

I Have COVID-19, How Can I Protect My Pet?

First of all, if you’re tested positive for Covid-19, don’t panic. As you would maintain distance from people, do the same with your pet. During the time you’re recovering, don’t get close to your pet, kiss him, or share your food with your pet. In fact, if anyone from your family or friends is willing to take care of your pet for a couple of days, it would be a better option. Let your furry buddy stay with your closed ones to ensure his well being.

Do Pets Need To Wear Masks?

Unlike humans, pets don’t need to wear any masks. In fact, it might lead to breathing issues in pets. So, avoid putting on any kind of mask on your pet’s face. Instead, prefer to keep your furry buddy at home and only take him out once a day for walk, as suggested in the guidelines.

Now that you know that your pet is not at much of a risk, you can be rest assured and get on with your routine! Just remember to stay safe in these crucial times. You will also love to read our Other blogs  relating to the pandemic & Pet Care.

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