Excitement is at its peak because Christmas is coming. Christmas is one such festival that everybody looks forward to and just like you, your dog also might be looking forward to Christmas because he/she knows that they are going to get new gifts and treats.

Everybody knows what Christmas is from human’s point of view but have you ever thought at least once that, “What Christmas might be from a dog’s point of view?”

Although like humans even in dogs there is a difference in opinions depending upon the behavior and nature of each dog. For example, most dogs don’t like firecrackers and noise but some elder dogs enjoy that.

So, today let’s find out what Christmas is from a dog’s point of view.

What the hell is this tree doing besides my bed?



I don’t know why they are happy just because of this tree?



Hey look I have a place to pee now!



I seriously hate my parent’s dressing sense. I hate it to the core. And you are looking at me and laughing, I hate you too. Get your eyes off me. I hate everyone.



Look don’t ask me, even I have no clue from where this tree came.



I know it..I know them ..I know these boxes there are gifts inside. Please let me open them.



Why don’t you guys go to your home and eat and drink, this is my house I need my privacy



Hmmm tasty treats…I don’t mind now what you guys do.


Oh these noises..!! Please stop them I am getting anxious and afraid.

These thoughts that are mentioned above are not necessarily the thoughts that your pooch might think. These thoughts were written just to make you realize that even they think and get affected by whatever happens around them during Christmas. So, please keep a close watch on your dog’s behavior this Christmas because there are certain things that he/she might not like or get severely affected from while you are busy enjoying the festival.