5 Dog Grooming Tips – You Must Know


Animals have natural instincts to groom themselves which is why you might have found them lick and chew their fur to keep it tidy. Well, they do their best to cut their hair short by twisting and turning every muscle of their body. However, some parts still remain unreachable. They also cannot clean their teeth or ears themselves and thus are dependent on their owners to give them a good grooming session. Moreover, grooming plays an important factor in maintaining a good health of pets. It eliminates the risk of getting bacterial and viral infections, eliminates fleas and ticks and imparts a prim look. If you are really unaware how to keep your Fido spotless clean, we have jotted down some amazing tips to you can easily follow.

Tips To Groom Your Dog Properly

  • Brush His Hair with the right Comb Regularly

Brushing the coat with a comb removes dead fur and imparts a tidy look. It also improves blood circulation in the body and distributes the oils of the skin evenly to the complete coat. In fact, brushing with a flea comb also removes any flea or flea dirt tangled inside the fur. You can also use a metal comb to remove matt from his coat.

  • Bathe Him with a Dog Shampoo

Bathing is an imperative task to keep your Fido clean. However, people aren’t aware as to how many times they should bathe their pet and often use human shampoo for dog to do the cleaning. This is completely wrong. First of all, you shouldn’t bathe your pet with human shampoos because they have a different ph level which makes the dog’s skin and fur dry. Secondly, never over-slather or over-bathe your pet. This again makes their skin and coat dull even if you are using dog shampoo. Wash your dog for 10-15 minutes max and only once or twice a week depending on his skin. If his skin produces more oils, then bathe him twice else stick to once a week only.

  • Maintain Oral Hygiene

Many bacteria and viruses move into the body via the mouth. Therefore, regular brushing with a good finger brush will remove any plaque thus stopping the formation of tartar. Regular mouth cleaning either with a brush or a mouth cleanser also decreases the risk of gingivitis or other gum diseases. Therefore, incorporate this habit into the pet’s routine.

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  • Clean the Eyes

Check your dog daily for excessive tearing or cloudiness and any presence of goop in his eyes. Also, ensure both the eyeballs are of equal size and doesn’t squint. Wash them with the solution meant for cleaning dog’s eyes in particular. And do consult the vet if there is any redness or infection in the eyes.

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  • Ears

Do regular ear checks for any wax buildup. Some dogs naturally have thick hair growth inside the ear. They are supposed to undergo regular trimming but don’t do it every other day. Any unwanted object inserted frequently inside the ear canal can cause infection or severe injury to the eardrums. Therefore, stick to once a week stint.

Other than these basic grooming necessities, you must also take your dog to the professionals for chopping their paw nails and giving them a good clean-up every month. The more you keep your Fido clean, the healthier he will stay. Grooming is very essential for all animals. No matter what you feed your furry, if his hygiene isn’t maintained well, he is bound to get sick. Therefore, ensure you keep your Fido immaculately clean all the times. Set a routine and take out some time for checking your dog daily. This way you can also notice an onset of any illness or diseases and can act quickly.  We guess this gives you enough reason to keep a watch on your furry daily, right?!