3 Common Dental Diseases In Cats

Cat Dental Problems
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Dental problems in kitties can cause excruciating pain that can continue to an extent that she would refuse food. This is not due to finicky behavior, but because the eating hurts. When there is bacteria at and around the gum line it does not take time for it to travel through the cat’s system. It can have an adverse effect on the kidney and heart function of the kitty. There are different types of dental diseases in cats. But in this write-up we have concentrated on the most common ones affecting felines:

Common Types Of Dental Diseases in Cats

Tooth Resorption

Cavities are very common in people and are created from the outside in. The tooth resorption commences at the root and travels up. Tooth resorption is more common in felines than canines. While it is very difficult to gauge where it hurts the kitty, grab a cotton swab and smoothly go over the gum line. If the kitty winces, it means that tooth resorption is going on. Prevention of this dental disease is the best option. It was earlier said that diet was responsible for this disease, but that is not the case. One thing is for sure that cats who have had Calicivirus are predisposed to tooth resorption. If a single tooth is affected, there is a 75% chance that at least one other tooth and often others are also affected. The only way to deal with the hurt is to remove the affected teeth.


This disease happens when the kitty gets allergic to her own teeth. This disease is quite common in felines however, there is very little known about it. Stomatitis is diagnosed when the veterinarians see an inflamed bright red mouth of the feline. There are certain veterinarians who deal with the inflammation through steroids and an antibiotic. This is of course a temporary solution. There might be a time when the feline might need a higher steroid to control the inflammation, which can lead to diabetes as a side effect of the steroid. There are also certain felines that are resistant to antibiotics so there is a need to try another one. In order to treat this disorder, a complete mouth extraction is required. Once the teeth are gone, the pain goes away and the cats are happy again. They eat properly even without teeth preferring dry food over moist.

Periodontal Disease

The best thing to deal with periodontal disease is by brushing the teeth of the feline. It not only keeps the plaque, tartar and other bacteria from the mouth of the kitty, but also keeps her oral hygiene perfect.

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