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Strongid P Wormer Paste Reviews

Strongid P Horse Wormer Paste

Strongid P is a high performance horse wormer that aids in controlling and treating adult infections of large and small redworms encompassing benzimidazole-resistant strains, pin-worm, and large roundworms. Double dose of the treatment can protect the horses from tapeworm infections. It is recommended for direct oral administration in horses, ponies, donkeys and foals more than 4 weeks of age. There is no need to withhold any feed prior to administration after administration of the treatment.

How it works?

Pyrantel Embonate is the active ingredient present in this worming paste for horses. It is a strong anthelmintic that disrupts the central nervous system of the worms which causes paralysis in them. It even kills different types of internal worms thereby preventing further worm infestation. Thus, this deworming product provides comprehensive protection to the horses from tapeworms along with other intestinal worms.

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Great Product!
Highly palatable that makes my horse takes it without any fuss.
Great Product!
No other product could treat my horse's worm problem other than this amazing treatment. Will definitely buy this again!
Best product I have ever had
I have searched many online and offline stores for a powerful tapeworm treatment but never found better than this. Powerful treatment for our strong studs.
Effective and Easy to Administer
Easy to administer and effective against wormer. It gives protection against tapeworms efficiently.
Effective wormer
Effective wormer paste, easy to administer, keeps all my horses at farm healthy.