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Meditrich for Birds

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Meditrich 100 Tablets

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Meditrich 100 Tablets for Pigeons and Birds

 Meditrich is an ingenious solution for pigeons and birds enduring from contagious diseases like cropcanker or Trichomoniasis. With the help of these tablets cagebirds and pigeons can be treated from this disease and it can also be prevented. With the help of a single dose of Meditrich tablets your pigeon and bird can regain strength and health if they have been infected by these deadly diseases. This oral treatment is proven to cure approximately 93% of canker and the great thing about this treatment is that it is safe on young and breeding birds.

How It Works?

Meditrich consists of Metronidazole as an active ingredient. Meditrich is regarded as one of the safest and most effective synthetic drug to treat Trichomoniasis in pigeons and raptors. The great thing about Metronidazole is that it is not water soluble and leads to harsh regurgitation if dosed in its pure form. The one-of-its-kind cellulose coating of this active ingredient conquers these problems.


Metronidazole 100 mg


  • Administer single tablet of Meditrich to young pigeons on the day of weaning
  • Administer one tablet of Meditrich on a monthly basis during racing season
  • To control parasites from becoming resistant to Meditrich treatment, mix this treatment with other preventives like Medizole and Cankerex
  • Children and other pets should not be allowed to get near this product
  • Close the container tightly after use
  • Keep the product at a cool and dry place
  • Safe to be used on young and racing birds
  • A one-of-its-kind treatment of Trichomoniasis (cropcanker) in pigeons and birds of prey
  • A single dosage of Meditrich cures approximately 93% of Trichomoniasis cases in pigeons and birds
  • An oral treatment consisting of metronidazole as an active ingredient which has been developed in such a way that it overcomes the unusual non-soluble property
  • Very beneficial for young birds when dosed on weaning day
  • When used in conjunction with other treatments like Medizole and Cankerex it is quite effective in preventing canker infection in pigeons and birds
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