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Equest Horse Wormer Gel

Equest Gel is an easy to use, effective dewormer especially for horses that assists in treating and controlling adult and larval stages of internal parasites in horses and ponies with a single dose. It even assists in treating multiple species infestations encompassing roundworms, bots and encysted small redworms in horses and ponies.

It is the only licensed horse wormer that controls all stages of encysted small red-worm larvae with a single dose. It even controls large redworms, bots and other harmful parasites. It is recommended for horses and foals from 4 months of age. It is especially recommended to be used during summer and winter season.

How it works?

Moxidectin is the active ingredient present in this treatment. It is an anthelmintic that aids in treating and controlling various parasites and bots in horses. It even effectively controls all stages of encysted small redworms in a single application. This active ingredient provides protection to the horses for two continuous weeks, thereby preventing re-infection and pasture contamination.

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Wonderful Product
Wonderful treatment for horses. Suggested by my vet. It does a great job. Must-buy product for horses.
Great Dewormer for our Stallions
Well, I never have had such a great experience with wormer treatment. This is a truly amazing product for wormer treatment. Must buy for horse wormer treatment.
Easy to administer
It is effective on worms and very easy to use due to the syringe.
no more tough times
were having tough times due to severe worm infections in our mare, tried many products but all in vain but finally got the right product and it worked well
No more bots
nothing works like this. really a good stuff, has cured bots in our barn