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Stronghold - Flea Treatment for Dogs

Stronghold is a revolutionary spot-on treatment to kill and prevent fleas infestation in dogs. This multi-spectrum product acts as a powerful heartworm preventative as it successfully destroys the juvenile forms of Dirofilaria immitis. Also, the product effectively eliminates adult roundworm infection from the intestinal tract of dogs. Other than this, the product can be used for killing ear mites and biting lice as well. Stronghold is touted to be safe for breeding, lactating and pregnant dogs. It is also found beneficial in controlling Flea Allergy Dermatitis and Sarcoptic mange.

How It Works?

Selamectin is the primary ingredient used in the formulation of Stronghold. This chemical distributes itself entirely to the dog’s skin and gradually seeps inside the body. Once inside the body, the product attacks the roundworms and circulating microfilaria in the bloodstream. The product also redistributes itself on the skin to kill the existing fleas, mites and lice. So, when a parasite bites the animal, the ingredient Selamectin is indirectly transferred to his nervous system. This causes hyperactivity and in turn the parasite is killed.

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stays strong

It's a strong treatment that protects my fur pal against various worms and fleas. Thanks

Best for worms

My dog is healthy after its use. Good product!

No more fleas!

I use it for our Rocky. I was amazed to see its results after the first use. It treats fleas and worms very well.