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Cleanaural Ear for Dogs Reviews

Average Rating 4.7 Based on 22 Reviews
68% of Reviewers Recommend This Product
Cleanaural Ear for Dogs
  • Pet
  • Treatment For
    Ear Cleaning, Debris and Excessive Wax
  • Health Benefits
    Eradicate Dirt, Debris, Dust and Wax from the Ears
  • Product Type
    Topical, Drops
  • Recommended for
    Dogs of All Life Stages
  • Key Ingredients
    Aqua, Sodium Borate, Menthol, Isopropynol alcohol, Chlorothymol, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Highly effective in cleaning the ears of the pet without causing any pain
  • No effect on fur or hair of the pet
  • Preserves ear hygiene of pets
  • Softly gets rid of hardened wax from the pet’s ear
  • This product can be used on sensitive skin without any trouble
  • You can assimilate this treatment with other antibiotic treatments
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must buy May 31, 2022
Ideal for cleaning my cats ear
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Wonderful Product Dec 29, 2021
No other product is as effective as this. It created wonders for my fido.
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Ideal Cleanser For Ear Sep 27, 2021
It is an ideal product for keeping my pal’s ear clean and hygienic.
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Wonderful Product Mar 18, 2021
A wonderful product that helps us to keep our furry baby’s ear clean and free from infection as well.
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Best Product Feb 24, 2021
This helps my doggo to stay clean and hygienic. I always used this to keep his ear healthy and infection free.
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Cleanaural Ear for Dogs
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