Stronghold – Broad Spectrum Flea Treatment for Cats

Stronghold is a powerful, monthly flea treatment which eliminates fleas and its other life forms from cats within 24-48 hours. It also successfully prevents and controls heartworm disease by killing microfilaria (juvenile heartworms) in the pet’s body. Stronghold is also a potent anthelmintic that eliminates adult roundworms and hookworms residing in the intestinal tract. The product effectively treats ear mites, biting lice and controls Flea Allergy Dermatitis as well. Moreover, it is safe for use in lactating, breeding or pregnant cats.

How It Works?

Stronghold contains an active ingredient Selamectin which is an antiparasitic chemical. Selamectin stimulates chloride channels present on the nerve and muscle cells of the parasite’s body. This disrupts the normal electrical transmission in the cells which in turn causes paralysis and death of the parasite.

The product distributes itself onto the cat’s skin and traverses into the bloodstream and intestines of the pet where it kills the intestinal roundworms and hookworms as well as the circulating microfilaria in the bloodstream. It then redistributes itself on the surface of the skin to kill the fleas, mites or lice that come in contact with the cat’s body. The transfer of Selamectin in the parasite as and when it bites the cat in turn leads to hyperactivity of the nerve cells which kills the parasite eventually.

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Good product

Best Treatment

cheap prices

no better prices than this, quite cheaper than my local store

Amazing product

My name is Roger Warren and I am Carolinas leading animal communicator with a weekly column in a magazine. My two cats are also well known. I give them stronghold and they are always healthy because of this.

Great deal

Safe and effective flea treatment for cats. Rover is a flea-free cat now and I couldn't be happier.

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