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  • Pet
  • Treatment For
  • Health Benefits
    Controls Flea Borne Diseases
  • Product Type
    Chewable Tablet
  • Parasites Covered
  • Protects For
    One Month
  • Recommended For
    Cats and Kittens Older than 14 Weeks
  • Key Ingredients
  • A monthly dosage prevents future infestation of fleas
  • Beef flavor makes it palatable for felines
  • Can be administered in combination with other treatments
  • Destroys 100% fleas within 4 hours
  • Easy to administer oral treatment
  • Eliminates all adult fleas before they lay eggs thus breaking the flea life cycle
  • Starts killing fleas within half an hour of administration
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My Fido's Fav Dec 29, 2021
Beef flavored is just amazing! Its my fido's fav!
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Best and effective Dec 14, 2021
Definitely I’ll repurchase this. Highly-effective and convenient.
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Best and effective Oct 18, 2021
The best and effective treatment I have ever used for my pal. Would highly recommend this to every pet parent like me.
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Excellent Product Sep 20, 2021
Once you start using it for your pet results will not let you buy anything else. Highly recommended
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Very quick shipping Jun 26, 2021
Very impressed with their quick shipping. My product came before time.
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Comfortis for Cats
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