What Product To Use To Protect Your Dog From Common Parasites ?

protecting pet from common parasites
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As a pet parent, its your responsibility to protect your dog from the parasites that can make your furry pal’s life a miserable, as well as yours. Nowadays you can keep your pooch safe from parasites, not only fleas and ticks, but from internal parasites too. Yes, it can be complicated to choose, what’s best for your dog. To get you out of this issue, here are best and fastest moving products for keeping your dog parasite-free.

Protect Your Pet From Harmful Parasites

Fleas And Ticks: Flea And Tick Prevention for Dogs

Protecting your Pets from fleas and ticks - BudgetPetWorld.com

These are the pesky parasites, which host on dog to feed themselves. Do you know only 5% of fleas live on your pet and others live in the environment. There some ticks that parasites dogs, cause anemia and spread disease. The best thing to reduce the flea and tick numbers on your dog and environment is using a monthly flea and tick preventative. You can use a monthly topical treatment such as Advantix or Frontline Plus. If you don’t want to use spot-on treatment, you can go for the tablets which eliminates fleas and ticks such as Nexgard and Bravecto. Bravecto is a long lasting preventative it protects your pet for 3 months from fleas and ticks.

Gastro- Intestinal Worms: Protect Your Dog from Worms

intestinal parasites in pets

Dogs get gastrointestinal worms by digging the dirt, licking their bottoms, eating the things off the ground and even eating feces. These are the things that can put your pooch into the risk of developing intestinal worms including roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms and whipworms. Make sure you first get your fur baby diagnosed from the vet, to know he has got intestinal worms or not. Intestinal wormers should be given every 2 weeks from 2-12 weeks of age, then monthly until 6 months, then every 3 months for life. For gastrointestinal worms you can give Drontal or Milbemax, as they cover all the intestinal worms.

Heartworms: Protecting Your Dog From Heartworm

Protecting Your Dog From Heartworm

Once the dog is bitten by an infected mosquito, for the larvae to mature into adult heartworms. They get lodged in the heart, lungs and surrounding blood vessels and begin producing. Heartworms can very dangerous to your dog and the treatment is extremely costly. It is better to prevent heartworms instead of waiting for a such problem. The heartworm preventatives should be started at 8 weeks of age and administer every month. Before starting any heartworm treatment, ask the vet to examine your dog. Heartgard Plus or Interceptor flavored chew helps to eliminate heartworm and intestinal worms and fits in perfectly with using the monthly flea and tick preventative NexGard.

Now, you have got an idea, which product to choose for various types of parasites. You can even take the advice from the vet.

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