Keep Your Feline Safe from Fleas and Ticks: Myths and Truths Exposed

Cats Fleas and Ticks problem

“A myth is a lie that conveys a truth.” — C. S. Lewis

It’s time to take steps to move from awareness to action. It’s time to face the truth. There are many myths about flea and tick out there. And for each myth, there is a truth upon that cut through the confusion.

To keep all feline parents informed, here we dispel five myths and provide and the reality behind them to keep your feline safe all around the year.

Fleas and Ticks Myth 1: Fleas and Ticks do not affect Indoor cats.

Truth: The indoor cats have less risk than outdoor cats to get fleas and ticks. These nasty parasites do not only lurk just outside but also finds its way to enter your home. It is very easy for the pesky fleas to jump on your clothing or shoes when you are outside and be carried until they find a more suitable host. When you enter the home, they will jump off you and find your cat! So, although your cat rarely – or never – goes outside, it is still a possibility for your cat to get fleas and ticks. You can keep your cat happy and bug-free by keeping her on monthly preventatives throughout the year.

Fleas and Ticks Myth 2: Fleas and ticks do not survive during colder months.

Truth: It is popular belief that when winter starts, it is time to end up the flea and tick treatment for their cats. But this is not the truth. Actually, fleas can survive during the colder months, especially indoors; which provides a warm environment to welcome these parasites to thrive year round regardless of seasons. So don’t stop monthly treatment in winter.

Fleas and Ticks Myth 3: Healthy cats will not get Fleas and Ticks.

Truth: When it comes to a blood meal, these parasites are not really picky. They can attack any cat, whether he is healthy or not! So, it is advised to be cautious and uses branded monthly flea and tick treatments on all at-risk cats.

Fleas and Ticks Myth 4:  Once the flea and tick are eradicated, they will not come back.

Truth: it is not an easy to get rid of flea and tick. When you treat them with the most effective product and stay vigilant for months. It may take few times and efforts to treat your pet, house and yard. But the prevention is the best way to prevent these blood-sucking parasites. Because flea and tick can attack anytime. So, cat parents always have to be alert and keep your cat protected with best monthly preventatives.

Fleas and Ticks Myth 5: Cats should need protection when going to a boarding cattery.

Truth: If you have decided to board your cat, it is important to protect your cat with proper vaccinations. Boarding facilities have the variety of animals from different households, so there is a high risk of getting fleas and ticks. By keeping her protected all time, you can board your cat worry-free.
Fleas and ticks are not only nuisances; they can also transmit dangerous diseases to your cat. So, it is important to make sure you have right information about dealing with these parasites