How to Take Care Of Your a Cat Health

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Whosoever is a cat owner might be well-aware that cats are super lazy and laid back for most of the day. They sleep for hours and love to just eat and play when awake. Though it’s completely normal, sometimes we need to check if this long hours of sleeping has become extra long, or she is not eating properly. Whether her fur has lost that shine or the skin has become dehydrated. Although cats are very particular about keeping themselves clean and stash their litter only in a litter box if trained, they still can’t take complete care of themselves. It is us who have to keep them healthy and happier. The maintenance that comes with owning a pet must be followed diligently to keep them from falling ill. For that matter, you need to resort to preventive care the moment you bring home a kitty. How to do that? Go on reading.

Weight Maintenance and Diet

Overweight kitties are at a higher risk of facing umpteen health issues. Therefore, not too skinny and not too chubby makes for just the perfect physique. Talk to the vet as to how much is an ideal weight for your kitty and what diet she needs to follow. A well-balanced meal that is full of nutrients like vitamins and minerals, and is equally rich in animal proteins, suffices all the bodily requirements of your feline friend. Thus feed her with the recommended diet. A well-fed cat with a lustrous coat is much agile and happier reflecting her good inner health perfectly. However, don’t go overboard even when feeding her a nutritious diet as any extra calorie may lead to fat deposit and unnecessary weight gain.

Grooming Is Essential For Good Health

When we are clean, the chances of falling ill reduce to minimal. This stands true for our pets as well. The cleaner they are, less likely that they will contract any infection. Hence following a grooming regime like – brushing, shampooing, checking for eye-discharge, ear wax, runny nose, and most importantly maintaining oral health save the pets of ingesting any disease through licking and chewing its body. Try implementing finger brushing with a pet toothpaste or go for cleaning sprays and suspensions that prevents plaque and tartar formation in your cat’s mouth. Cut the hair balls while combing her and check for lumps or spots while you caress her.

Give Her Preventive Treatments

As you bring home a new kitty, preventive measures must be taken to keep her disease-free. Vaccinate her for all the possible feline diseases and ensure to treat her with preventive drugs for fleas and ticks or worms. Preventive drugs help save the kitty from contracting parasitic infestation thus keeping the cat healthy always. If at all she contracts these nasty parasites, apply Bravecto spot on Treatment (fleas and ticks) or advantage for cats (only fleas) to get rid-off them without much fuss. An Antezole paste which is a broad spectrum drug also works best if the kitty is suffering from worm infestation along with flea and ticks. Prevention measures reduce a whole lot of illnesses in pets thus making it a primary requirement in taking care of a cat as well.

A routine that involves pet health care activities and maintenance eventually lead to an overall inspection of a pet’s good health on a regular basis thereby ensuring health and happiness of your beloved furry companion. So start it right now! Sooner, the better!

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