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Question from albie d.

My feline, Princess has lot oddles of weight. She has basically become a boner. Although she is very active, she drinks lot of water. I have tried different arrays of kitten food but it is not showing any effect in gaining weight of my poor baby. She also vomits occasionally. I have found out that it is due to red meat and so now I have shifted to white meat to him. There are also fleas in the house. I am not sure what to do. She is such a loving, happy pet hence, it is difficult to see her in ...

Our vet answers:

I suggest that you take Princess to your veterinarian since from what you have enumerated it seems that she may be suffering from diabetes. For fleas you can use any topical product like Frontline Spot On or Frontline Plus or prescription products like Revolution or Advantage Multi. You can even administer tablets to her. If you are concerned about pre-adult fleas then you can use Program Flavour Tabs and also administer Capstar everytime you see fleas on Princess. But it is advised not to give more than one treatment of Capstar per day.....

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Congratulations to albie d., who is the October winner of the Question of the Month


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Is it possible for fleas to cause worms in cats? ...

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I ordered Frontline Plus on my cat, Bella and now I am seeing quarter sized spot where she has lost all hair on the spot it has been applied. Is it possible that she is allergic to Frontline Plus or ...

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