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Apoquel for Dogs

Apoquel is a specifically formulated treatment that eliminates itching due to atopic dermatitis and allergic dermatitis in dogs. It starts working within 4 hours of administration and removes itching completely by 24 hours. Apoquel also treats food allergies and alleviates skin irritation quickly. This product can be successfully treat dogs that are more than 12 months old and weigh more than 6.6lbs.

How It Works?

Apoquel is a fast relieving formula for long and short term itch. The active ingredient Oclacitinib in the product acts as a Janus Kinase Inhibitor(JAK) which stops the functioning of cytokines associated with inflammation and pruritis in the dog’s body.

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Skin and Coat Care
No more skin irritation and dullness. I got what takes the perfect care of my Lisa’s skin and coat.
Best Skin and Coat Care Solution
By far one of the best skin and coat care solutions I have ever come across. Works as promised and affordable too. Must-buy!
Thanks again for this amazing deal. Again, I had a great deal while shopping for pet supplies on my prefer brand product.
No more itchiness
No more itchiness for my lovely Shella. This product has helped her to get rid of itching and skin problem
Best and effective
Added to the health care box. Works really well! Will definitely buy this again!